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Shen Sat

Aug 18, 2022, 7:26:07 AM8/18/22
to CorsixTH Development
Hey everyone 😄

I'm a web developer by trade and a game developer in my spare time. I'd like to learn more about game dev by contributing to CorsixTH. I loved the original game, and it's already been quite fun poking my nose around the code 🐷

I have two questions:
  1. I was thinking about picking up this feature enhancement. Usually when building a feature for a web application, I can "set up" the web application locally in a given state and then test the new feature out using the local web application. Is there a way to do that for CorsixTH? Another way to put it: to develop and test the aforementioned feature, I'd ideally need to have CorsixTH running with a GP office and a GP and a couple of patinets, one inside the office and one queueing - is there a way to have this state automatically set up without having to create all the entities manually via the UI?
  2. I love writing tests for web applications. I'd like to learn how to write tests for games. Are there any suitable test-related issues I can work on?
Many thanks!


Shen Sat

Aug 18, 2022, 7:31:32 AM8/18/22
to CorsixTH Development
To add to point 1: I'm wondering how you all develop features for CorsisTH. What does your game developement loop look like? When you make a change in the code, how do you quickly test that the change is working?


Sep 1, 2022, 1:57:02 PM9/1/22
to CorsixTH Development
Greetings! Glad to hear your interest.
Sorry for a slow response, this communication stream often gets neglected :(

It's best to usually discuss with us on Discord or Matrix (both talk to each other in some rooms). We no longer have an IRC Channel.

Alternatively you can post on the issue directly if you like.

As for the setup query, you likely can make this setup easily from Level 1 then save it, it shouldn't take long. Alternatively, some of our newer issues have savegames that are likely still usable as a starting block for testing.

Stephen E. Baker

Nov 14, 2022, 10:17:36 PM11/14/22
Welcome Shen;

If you're interested in setting up tests, that's an area that's often
neglected and could use attention. We have some tests for the lua code
as seen here
and a very small number of C++ tests in

Tests were added late in development, so a lot of code isn't
particularly well suited for testability. Some improvements in that
regard as well as overall coverage would be welcome; just make sure to
talk over any major refactor ideas and get consensus before investing
a lot of time writing changes that may not be accepted.

If you'd rather jump into feature work or fixing bugs, the place to
look is our github issue tracker. I think the issue you picked may be
a little challenging as a first ticket due to the number of
interactions / complexity of the action queue. We should be able to
help pick something not too daunting to start with.
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