Yale: "Sex Cures All Diseases" and Scientific discovery could interfere with the intended propaganda or marketing of LYMErix

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Mort Zuckerman

Mar 15, 2009, 5:53:33 AM3/15/09
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Subject: scientific discovery could interfere with the intended
propaganda or marketing of LYMErix

Date: Mar 15, 2009 5:49 AM

Scientific Discovery could interfere with the
marketing of LYMErix. That's why Edward McSweegan
and Durland Fish went after certain, um, scientists
and not any, um, science writers.

Recall that in 1999 I filed the first COI complaint:
With all the grants and companies and
the RICO entities being Corixa, Yale and Imugen
which we think is partly owned by Allen Steere.

Recall that in Jan 2001, I told the FDA EXACTLY
what was wrong with LYMErix and "Lyme Disease."
'Testing scam and possible immune dysregulation outcomes.

Americans are morons and only interested in schmooze
and not the facts. Americans are *AFRAID* of facts.
Americans don't like the truth or any hard thinking.
For instance, Frank Rich and gays out of the closet:
The lesson is not an opportunity for gays to shove their
perverted crap in our faces, but to focus the Right
Wingers on the servers of their Kool Aid. In this
Lyme instance, if they weren't such morons they
would do a few calculations on how many dead people
there are just from Lyme spin alone-- and who was
behind it: Kaiser, AIG, and Yale- Republican Party

You *KNOW* it is true that Yale is Repug HQ, because look
how stupid *AND* sexually perverted they've been shown to be.

Sex cures all diseases?

Jeepers! Then why does Africa have so much disease??



Repeat after me, class:

1) Klempner found that spirochetes are intracellular and resistant to
(The whole article is scanned in, so don't take my word
for what it says.)

2) Klempner found that Lyme is a chronic infection that causes
degradation of the central nervous system (MMP-130).
(The whole article is scanned in, so don't take my word
for what it says.)

3) The haplotypes data was not reported in Klempner's Long term
treatment report but a subsequent article by Wormser and Klempner
indicate an increasing likelihood that Chronic Neurologic Lyme is the
New Great Imitator due to the immune suppression-related exacerbation
of latent viral and acquired fungal infections of all kinds, rather
than neurologic autoimmunity, because, they say, there is no other
haplotype association to Lyme symptom outcomes except Steere's HLAs.
Given the fact that OspA is the source of the immune suppression, that
alone could be the cause of the cover up (vaccination with OspA and
the cover up of the damages- the New Great Imitator outcomes of
LYMErix). While we once thought there must be some association with
Multiple Sclerosis haplotypes allegedly secretly found in chronic
neurologic Lyme and the tolerance to Pam3Cys-related downregulation of
the antigen-presenting cells (and the subsequent cessation of
antibodies to these antigens or the person becomes "seronegative"), it
now appears there was no association. It could happen to anyone.
We knew about the immune dysregulation in 1992 from the NIH's, the
NCI's and the US Army's Paul Duray when he revealed the mutated
lymphocytes and stated that these looked like Epstein-Barr transformed
cells. None of this was pursued because scientific discovery could
interfere with the intended propaganda or marketing of LYMErix.
(^^^ "Transformed B cells, 1992, Cold Spring Harbor Crooks'
(^^^ "Transformed B cells," 1989, IDSA Reviews)

4) Mark Klempner suggested in 1998 that LYMErix could be causing an
autoimmune neurologic disease but did not report this to the public,
ever, as a reason for concern or a reason to withdraw LYMErix:
(It's OspA)

5) Klempner was promoted by the CDC to the head of a CDC Level IV
bioweapons lab for his outrageous lies to and about the public.

"[Real] scientists are *fiercely* independent. That's the good
news."-- NIH's Top Fool, Anthony Fauci
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