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As for all Paradox games, Hearts of Iron IV is moddable to a great extent. Motivations of modders may vary widely: a better translation to their native language, more events or decisions, better maps, a major overhaul, etc.

So I woke up and damn near lost my mind. I tried to recreate that bug with The Angler over and over and nothing weird was happening. Then I realized I was testing on a different disk! So i popped in the same disk as last night and HOLY SHIT. Leshy went 3D. What does that mean? I barely even know. Maybe I AM crazy. The entire game is different. Leshy took over and is 3D. I don't know anyone who would listen to me about this.

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I scoured the disk last night looking for some kind of explanation. And I found some really wild stuff. It made me think... what is the OLD_DATA and why does Leshy only talk about it when he's wearing The Woodcarver's mask?

Some nights I mod, some nights I dig. I dig deeper into this log file and find things I sometimes wish I hadn't. This isn't just some disk Kaminski used to vent his workplace frustrations. This is like some real shit.

I could barely leave the apartment save for the odd dinner out with mom... but last night was an exception. I went to Comics Land to play a Secrets of Legendaria draft. Is it weird that I brought the disk with me? I felt uncomfortable being apart from it.

The Bloodmoon mod is made by Lumien231, based entirely off of the uncommon nighttime event seen in Terraria. The newest version of this mod available to players is currently 1.12.2. Older versions of this mod are still available to download on CurseForge as well, with the furthest game version for players being 1.8.

Players will not be able to spawn the Bloodmoon without cheats enabled. Though if the player does enable cheats, one can easily spawn in the Bloodmoon by typing /bloodmoon force into their chatbar. The following night will trigger one to rise. There is no known cheat however to stop this event once it's activated.

Welcome to the unofficial wiki for Biomes O' Plenty that anyone can edit! We currently have 445 articles and more thanks to all the contributors since January 2013! We've amounted 32,364 edits from our wonderful contributors since then!

Biomes O' Plenty is a Minecraft mod created by Glitchfiend, a collaborative group of a few developers, which adds almost 60 new biomes to Minecraft, ranging from a simple Marsh biome, all the way to the magical and mysterious Mystic Grove! Many new things are also added alongside these biomes, such as new trees, building blocks, and plants.

Readers interested in the other languages that are available for playing Original PD or some of itt this wiki page. Moreover, desktop pc users that are looking only for variants playable in their device without the need of an emulator should better visit this category page.

Readers who are interested in more details about the definition of modding, or about the general characteristics of the Pixel Dungeon mods' ecosystem can also visit the page about mods' general features of the wiki. There is also a page dedicated to the developers of mods, which is mostly a resource for readers wanting to communicate with a specific developer, but also serves as an explicit acknowledgment of their contributions by the wiki. Lastly, readers who are interested in specific Pixel Dungeon versions (for example mods of Shattered PD that implement 2.5D graphics) might find useful this page about the generations of Pixel Dungeon mods.

Moreover, for almost all the mods with no page in the wiki and for a few mods with various issues but which were considered worthwhile for a download link to get offered for them, there is also a link leading to the source code of each one. This is a minimal cure for the lack of a wiki page for these mods, as readers who are familiar with java can at least visit their repositories and gather some info by reading the files of the source code.

Currently the wiki hosts 726 pages. The big majority of them is about Watabou's Original PD or general PD features, but there is also a decent amount of pages, 178, about mods (category pages are also included in the numbers):

Welcome, Visitor (please join us), to the Bewitchment Wiki, the official public wiki for everything related to the Bewitchment Mod and its Legacy version. This site has 4 users including 9 admins who have helped make 3,812 edits on 181 articles.

This wiki is NOT a place for scattered mod suggestions, bug reports, or questions. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the mod, please visit our Discord. Be sure to read the FAQ first!

This wiki should be considered accurate only for the latest version of the mod, for the latest version of Minecraft. This means information written might not apply to earlier versions of the mod or different versions of Minecraft. The best attempt to document changes or differences is done, but written information will not always represent older, less-maintained versions of the mod.

In 2018, modders found a way to change stages, first only replacing Hyrule Castle, but later it became possible to replace all stages. The mod SSBMSE replaces most stages in the game with more competitive stages modeled after their appearance in other Smash games.

While one of the less popular entries in the series for mods, some have been created over the years. SD Remix, released in 2015, features 3 pages of stages: One for the vanilla stages, one with 1-player mode-only stages, and one for newly created stages, with some inspired from other games.

Beyond Melee is also one of the few mods for Melee that change up the gameplay. Beyond Melee changes mechanics of the game, changes the balancing of characters to try and rebalance them, alongside adding new fighters. Characters like Bowser and Zelda, notable for being nigh unusable in the base game, were given many buffs in order to make them more viable, with some like Zelda and Ness receiving complete overhauls. There are also 7 newcomers to the mod, being Skull Kid, Fay, Wolf, Raichu, Shadow Mewtwo, Sonic, and Meta Knight.

Smash Remix is a mod with the goal to expand Smash 64 with new characters, stages, etc. while staying true to its core gameplay. New mechanics from the other Smash games, like wavedashing, are not added. The vision involves having tournaments where the new characters are pitched against the old ones, all the clones being viable against the originals.

The mod was first released with adding back in all stages from Smash 64 that weren't already present in the base game, including Metal Cavern. A brand new stage added was a volleyball court, which also became a new game mode complete with scoring. It also added various new alternate costumes for the roster, many of which were based on color swaps added in later games of the series, such as Mario's pink and cyan alternate, the white alternate for Mr. Game & Watch, and yellow color swaps for Fox and Link. Some costumes were new, such as Pichu wearing the hat and backpack of the male trainer from Pokémon Gold and Silver. A small update was released shortly after, adding Mario wearing his cape as another new costume. The most notable addition to the base release was Wolf O'Donnell being added as a newcomer;,with his appearance being based on how he looks in Star Fox 64 and the intro to Melee, and he only has Japanese voice clips. Wolf mostly replicates his gameplay from the regular series, although his connections to Fox and Falco can be more clearly felt here. He especially shares many noticeable assets with Fox, due to Wolf blatantly being a modded version of him in terms of moveset and attributes; additionally, Wolf's size and proportions are much closer to Fox's than how they normally are; the two even share his idle animation. Wolf's playstyle and strategy is also heavily affected due to Melee's physics. Wolf comes with his own Break the Targets stage as well; however, he currently he lacks victory animations, with a win by him resulting in an immediate cut back to the character select screen. The announcer does not say Wolf's name, but instead says "Bonus character" when selecting him. Wolf also does not have any trophies of his own, and receives Mario's when completing a single-player mode; he does not appear as an opponent in single-player modes either. It is currently unknown if these details are planned to or can possibly be fixed in the future.

The second publicly released build of Beyond Melee was released on March 15th, 2022, entitled "Demo 2" and featuring the revamped return of Ness, a significant revamp for Raichu, and the additions of Sonic the Hedgehog and Meta Knight, as well as even more stages, costumes, and balance changes.

While not officially abandoned, the last notable update for Balanced Brawl, version 3, was released in 2010, with only a 2011 bugfix patch for PAL regions being released since then. Because of the effectively ceased development, Balanced Brawl is generally considered to be antiquated. As its last version was based on the Brawl metagame from 2010, some notable developments are not reflected in Balanced Brawl's changes, such as the emergence of Olimar as a top tier character (who saw no nerfs by the final release of Balanced Brawl), as well as the gradually decreasing dominance of Snake (who saw the most amount of nerfs besides Meta Knight).

Project M can be seen as a spiritual successor to Brawl+, due to the two mods sharing much of the identical staff. Project M features many of Brawl+'s previous physics changes, but was able to distance itself from the previous mod and its related controversies by giving more thorough changes to all characters. Of all Brawl gameplay mods, Project M remains the most popular, due to its altered physics engine that makes it play similarly to Melee and thorough nerfing and buffing of all characters in the game; although aimed primarily at hardcore players as opposed to casual gamers, Project M's considerable "fanservice", such as the inclusion of Roy and Mewtwo, new palette swaps that reference more video games than Brawl's standard selections, and other such interests have allowed it to reach popularity amongst such players. Project M's popularity led to it eventually becoming a notable side-event in tournaments, and it later developed its own distinctive tournament scene, with Apex 2014's Project M event attracting even more entrants than Brawl's.

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