Restoring copyq config from a backup of ~/.config/copyq (Linux)

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C Psyctc

Apr 9, 2023, 1:33:13 PM4/9/23
to CopyQ
My Linux machine wreaked its /boot drive and I had to rebuild it.  I'd love to recover the extensive configuration and data I had stored for CopyQ.  I realise that I got out of the habit of exporting the config over a year ago, I guess I thought having multiple backups of pretty much all the machine would be OK.  I can restore a fairly recent copy of ~/.config/copyq and set the ownership to chris:chris (current, and previous, user name).  I then see the tab structure and even the counts of the items in each tab but when I click on the tabs in CopyQ I see no content (and the number of entries updates to blank).  Clearly there's some magic I'm missing that makes some of the content of ~/.config/copyq invisible when restored in this way.  Is there anything I can do (ideally) to make the contents of the tabs usable/visible or (much less attractive) to recover the contents manually?

TIA and, as ever, thanks for CopyQ: brilliant program has saved me weeks over the years I've been using it (hence so much stored in it!)


Lukáš Holeček

Apr 10, 2023, 3:15:36 AM4/10/23
to C Psyctc, CopyQ
Hi Chris,

If you copy a tab *.dat files to the config directory, CopyQ should pick it up on start unless there is some problem with the data itself.

Check logs for any errors with the following command:

    copyq logs

If you had Synchronization enabled for tabs, you also need to restore the synchronized directories (in this case, the data is not stored in the config folder).

Tip: There is a handy "Backup On Exit" command that would automate the backups (by default to ~/Documents/copyq-backups):

Hope that helps.


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Lukáš Holeček

Apr 11, 2023, 2:19:24 AM4/11/23
to C Psyctc, CopyQ
If synchronized directory with all the files still exists, CopyQ should pick up existing files automatically for the synchronized tabs.

Make sure that the tab is configured correctly: the tab name is mapped to the directory path in config tab "Item"/"Synchronization".


On Tue, Apr 11, 2023 at 8:09 AM 'C Psyctc' via CopyQ <> wrote:
SO helpful: thanks.  Well, it turns out that it was only the first few tabs (from the top) that were empty in that way.  They don't seem recoverable but, as you say, the others were all fine as far as I can see.  I've deleted them and will rebuild the contents if and when I find I need it! Logs showed nothing because, I guess, nothing loggable was wrong!  I appear to have synchronization turned on for some tabs but not mapped to any existing directories.  Is there a way to delete/clear all existing synchronisations and start over?  I think that's morphing into a different point so I'll submit it separately.

"Backup on exit" is wonderful.  I have tweaked it to export to my NextCloud ("Nextcloud" without the capital "C" in the directory structure) so that puts the export cpq file available across all my NextCloud machines for the future.  I take it that that is an export file ... which again maps to my next question so I'll just stop this here with many, many thanks (and apologies for the earlier misspelling of "wrecked" as "wreaked": I think that was Freudian as whatever caused that had wreaked so much havoc!)

Brilliant program, brilliant support.  Thanks again,

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