[PROBABLE BUG] CopyQ adds extra lines, works normally after restart

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Dennis Bareis

Jul 17, 2021, 9:15:02 PM7/17/21
to CopyQ

This has been happening for months, years, yonks, so basically across many versions of COPYQ and after many restarts of my computer (and versions of WIN10).

If I paste some text that doesn't have blank lines into MyHeritage (BIO) then each line results in a blank line after it.

I just tried it after exiting CopyQ and without the manager running it works perfectly.  Even more interesting is after restarting CopyQ it is also (at least for now) working correctly.

In this case I searched for "smith" in surname (at: https://www.bundaberg.qld.gov.au/residents/cemeteries-1/2), clicked on a match and copied let's say:

Surname: Roberts-Smith
Given name: Danielle Jeanne
Date of birth: Unknown
Interment date: 13-10-2000
Gender: F
Record Id: 22423
Residence of: BURNETT HEADS QLD 4670
Cemetery: Bundaberg Lawn
Location: Lawn-L7
Grave No: 2831
Interment: Interment

I have noticed that when it fails it looks OK in the COPY QU Interface, when it works (after restart) it doesn't but looks like one big line.

Pastes OK but Shows in CopyQ as one big line.png

Lukáš Holeček

Jul 19, 2021, 11:36:06 AM7/19/21
to Dennis Bareis, CopyQ
CopyQ might be storing different text or HTML format.

To troubleshoot the problem:

1. Select "File - Disable Clipboard Storing" from menu bar (Ctrl+Shift+X)
2. Copy the text
3. Select "File - Clipboard Content" from menu bar (Ctrl+Shift+C)
4. Check formats and data

You can tell CopyQ to store another data format from clipboard this way:

1. Open Command dialog (F6 shortcut)
2. Click Add button and select "New command"
3. Click "Automatic" toggle button
4. Select Advanced tab (you need to enable "Show Advanced" checkbox to see the tab)
5. Enter the new format into "Format" field
6. Change "Name" of the new command
7. Click OK to save


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Dennis Bareis

Jul 19, 2021, 7:37:19 PM7/19/21
to CopyQ

No just plain text (text/plain), no other formats (the text in all my tests comes from a text editor=Notepad).  No blank lines exist, can't tell what line terminators exist, but each line is on it's own line.

As for the 2nd "automatic" test, It's back to no blank lines inserted whether I use that or not so I suspect that toggling "File - Disable Clipboard Storing" is the same as restarting CopyQ in that the behaviour goes away for a while.  I don't understand what the new command does either, does it prevent HTML or any other formats from being saved?

Dennis Bareis

Jul 19, 2021, 8:00:20 PM7/19/21
to CopyQ

I have found these errors in the log, they don't appear when I copy or paste so they may be unrelated:

CopyQ ERROR [2021-07-20 09:51:42.718] <monitorClipboard-23076>: Cannot load library D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins\libitemencrypted.dll: Unknown error 0x000000c1.
CopyQ ERROR [2021-07-20 09:51:42.722] <monitorClipboard-23076>: Cannot load library D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins\libitemfakevim.dll: Unknown error 0x000000c1.
CopyQ ERROR [2021-07-20 09:51:42.725] <monitorClipboard-23076>: Cannot load library D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins\libitemimage.dll: Unknown error 0x000000c1.
CopyQ ERROR [2021-07-20 09:51:42.728] <monitorClipboard-23076>: Cannot load library D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins\libitemnotes.dll: Unknown error 0x000000c1.
CopyQ ERROR [2021-07-20 09:51:42.731] <monitorClipboard-23076>: Cannot load library D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins\libitempinned.dll: Unknown error 0x000000c1.
CopyQ ERROR [2021-07-20 09:51:42.735] <monitorClipboard-23076>: Cannot load library D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins\libitemsync.dll: Unknown error 0x000000c1.
CopyQ ERROR [2021-07-20 09:51:42.738] <monitorClipboard-23076>: Cannot load library D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins\libitemtags.dll: Unknown error 0x000000c1.
CopyQ ERROR [2021-07-20 09:51:42.741] <monitorClipboard-23076>: Cannot load library D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins\libitemtext.dll: Unknown error 0x000000c1.

Checked one of those files and it exists:

> dir "D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins\libitemencrypted.dll"

 Directory of D:\DBAREIS\Tools\[Portable]\$Clipboard Managers\CopyQ\plugins

16/10/2020  11:58 PM           373,667 libitemencrypted.dll
               1 File(s)        373,667 bytes
               0 Dir(s)  712,506,138,624 bytes free

Lukáš Holeček

Jul 20, 2021, 10:08:45 AM7/20/21
to Dennis Bareis, CopyQ
I'm guessing that those dll files are from different CopyQ version and hence incompatible.

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