CopyQ 7.0.0 Released

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Lukáš Holeček

Apr 2, 2023, 4:03:19 AM4/2/23
to CopyQ
Hi All,

CopyQ 7.0.0 clipboard manager has been released.

Thanks the bug reports, translations and helping with fixes!

Full list of changes and discussion:

# Downloads


# Changelog

## Added

- Windows installer has an option to install for current user or all users

## Changed

- The preferred format to edit is now "text/plain;charset=utf-8" with
  "text/plain" as fallback. Additionally, if no such format is available,
  "text/uri-list" is used.

- Toggle Clipboard Storing menu item uses static text and icon instead of
  changing these dynamically after each use (#2255).

- Settings integrity is now handled solely by Qt. Previously, additional
  `*.bak` files where created for configuration files.

- Commands are no longer migrated to the new format on start. The old command
  configuration file has been last used in version 3.9.0 (released on

- Native notification text length is limited now to avoid slow downs when
  showing notifications in some desktop environments. The limit is about
  100,000 characters and 100 lines.

## Fixed

- Fixes Sort/Reverse Selected Items menu actions (#2267).

- Fixes moving items to a tab in tab bar using drag'n'drop (#1246).

- Fixes possibly buggy window manager frame geometry (#2247).

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