Computational Cell Biology Workshop Online Feb. 13-15, 2023 - PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD

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Hoops, Stefan (sh9cq)

Dec 9, 2022, 10:56:37 AM12/9/22


24th CCB Workshop

Feb. 13-15, 2023



The workshop is free. However, to be admitted please email the following information to by Jan. 13: your name, institution, lab head (if you are a student), research field and responses to the following 4 questions.


1. Which of the software systems will be of immediate value in your research:


b. Virtual Cell

c. SpringSaLaD


2. Are you:

a. A novice at modeling who can benefit from general introductions to kinetic and reaction-diffusion systems?

b. An experienced modeler interested in advanced topics? 


3. Do you have a modeling project that you would like to work on with our help? If so, please send us a title and a short (~1 page) description of your project explaining the research question you wish to address and how modeling can help. This will allow us to determine if the current implementations of the Virtual Cell, COPASI or SpringSaLaD are applicable to your project.


4. VCell and COPASI support many advanced modeling techniques. Please list an such approaches you may be interested in learning more about.





A separate in-person workshop is planned for June 26 – 28, 2023 in Farmington, CT, USA; watch for more details.


Funding provided by NIH Grant R24 GM137787


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