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Hakan Koseoglu

May 13, 2007, 6:54:40 PM5/13/07
Hi all,

First of all, if I start asking stupid questions, please bear with me.
I'm still going through the manual and I might have missed or
misunderstood some sections. So far I am very impressed with the
infrastructure and the app, great stuff.

About types and modules - the documentation on the site is "coming
soon". Is there any alternative, even an older or working copy of this

Secondly, although Linux is my first choice of OS, I am planning to
implement ControlTier on Windows, at least initially. If I understood
correctly, the client-server data transfer and communication is done by
ssh but I can't see how the client-side on Window is implemented, is
AntDepo contains an ssh implementation? There is no installer for the
client-side so I copied antDepo from the server straight into the client
and I am somewhat confused about the next step.



Karan Bedi

May 15, 2007, 6:10:26 PM5/15/07
Hello Hakan,

I am sorry that these docs are out of date a bit. We are working
towards our 3.0 release and hopefully we can get some newer
documentation out after that point. In the current documentation you
can look at this link for information on 'types'.

Secondly, I understand you are having problems with Windows SSH
Installation. I am sending you the steps that should solve your
problem. In case you need any further clarification, please feel free
to ask.

SSH is used to facilitate remote management. This is a pre-requisite
to being able to install the ControlTier client.

Though there are many ways to acquire SSH for windows, these
instructions assume the use of copSSH.

1. Install copSSH:
• Download the latest version of copSSH - 1.4.2 as of now.
• Run the copSSH setup program as a user with Administrators group membership.
• Install to "C:\copSSH" rather than the default location (so that
there are no spaces in
any of the Cygwin paths).

2. Create the user:
• Create the ControlTier user. Set a password for the user, and set
its home folder to the local path

• Log on and off once as the user to ensure settings are established,
running a "cmd"
shell to confirm that the HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH is indeed

3. Enable SSH for the user:
• Run copSSH's "01. Activate a user" item from the start menu.
• Select the "user" and leave the default command shell for the time being.
Deselect the options to create public key authentication keys and link
the user's real
home directory.
• Test ssh login using a password from a remote system.

Note: Unfortunately, there is no full-screen editor that works
directly over the SSH terminal window to the Windows server. Either
edit files locally using WordPad (which understands Unix text files),
or scp configuration files off to a remote Linux system for editing.

• Create an "authorized_keys" file (no extensions) in
"C:\copSSH\home\user\.ssh" containing the public key of the user on the
ControlTier server that will administer the box.
• Confirm that it is possible to ssh to the shopintuit account on the
system from the
equivalent account on the ControlTier server and authenticate using
public key (i.e.
no password).

4. Configure the user to use "cmd.exe" as its ssh shell:
• Place the following script in "C:\copSSH\bin":
if [[ $# -eq 0 ]]
exec /cygdrive/c/windows/system32/cmd /Q
exec /cygdrive/c/windows/system32/cmd /Q /C "$@"
• Update "C:\copSSH\etc\passwd" changing the user user's shell to

Note: When ssh'ing into Windows system (e.g. using Putty) be careful
about how the backspace character is mapped. The Windows command shell
expects "Control-H". Using other characters can cause spurious
characters to be embedded in file and directory names, etc.

5. Setup the environment to support the ControlTier client:
• By default, the SSH daemon/service does not support setting custom
Edit "C:\copSSH\etc\sshd_config" and set "PermitUserEnvironment yes".
• Create "C:\copSSH\home\user\.ssh\environment" containing the following
variables required by the ControlTier client:


Note: The values of these variables will change with future upgrades

• Use the "Advanced" tab of the "System Properties" control panel to add
"C:\copSSH\home\user\ctier\pkgs\antdepo-1.2.11\bin" to the "Path" system
environment variable
• Restart the "copSSHD" service to pick up the changes.
• Ssh into the box as the user user and check that the variables are
"set" in the
command shell.
6. Install Java
• Install Java 1.4.2 (available from into the ctier\pkgs
directory of the
user users home folder:
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 0CB7-00C3
Directory of C:\copSSH\home\user\ctier\pkgs
04/06/2007 01:59 PM <DIR> .
04/06/2007 01:59 PM <DIR> ..
04/06/2007 01:59 PM <DIR> j2sdk1.4.2_13
0 File(s) 0 bytes
3 Dir(s) 2,523,725,824 bytes free
The system is now ready for the ControlTier Client installation.

Regarding you third question about the client side installer. I do
have the necessary steps for that but unfortunately they are targeted
towards Linux. I will rewrite the steps so windows users can also use
them. In the time being, I hope this answers some of your queries.



Karan Bedi
ControlTier Software, Inc.
650-292-9660 x710

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