New CG Feature: Ignoring and Restoring Readings

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Tino Didriksen

Jan 4, 2020, 8:16:05 AM1/4/20
Latest nightly version of CG-3 has a couple of new features regarding deleted and delayed readings, ways to ignore readings for the duration of a grammar, and resurrect deleted readings.

From before, rule Remove deletes readings, but with flag Delayed it will instead put them in the delayed buffer. There's a new flag Ignored that puts them in the ignored buffer instead. Deleted and Delayed readings will be actually removed at the end of the grammar, but Ignored readings will be resurrected.

To further control these buffers, there's a new rule type Restore which can resurrect readings at any time. It also takes flags Delayed and Ignored to tell which buffer to restore from.

And for contextual tests, analogous to 'd' and 'D', there's now 'I' for looking at ignored readings. And rule flag LookIgnored.

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