Darwinian government

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Jon Roland

Mar 24, 2015, 3:36:33 PM3/24/15
Darwinian government

A better way to govern ourselves than simple elections might be called a “Darwinian” (or "Darwinoid") process, similar to what is done using genetic (or evolutionary) algorithms. Perhaps the best historical example of that was the Venetian system. It could be implemented in many ways. Consider one design:

1. At the precinct level (using the U.S.model of equipopulous precincts) two equal sized panels are selected by lot, or sortition. Then they select a pool of candidates to the next level (ward) by each panel voting for the best ten percent of the members of the other panel, and together for an equal number of individuals from outside either panel.

2. Candidates from the precinct pool are drawn at random to form two equal sized ward panels. The process is repeated to select two equal sized district panels.

3. The process is repeated to form two equal sized state panels (unless there are political subdivisions in between), and again to form two equal sized national panels.

4. The process is repeated to select a small number, say nine, candidates for the one national pool, from which a single official is selected at random.

A similar multi-step process would be used to select legislators, judges, administrators, etc.

In the judicial track, pairs of grand juries would select members of the next grand or any trial juries, and pose the questions they are to decide, after consulting with witnesses.

So random selection alternates with fitness election in a way that should enable the best and brightest (who don’t necessarily want the job) to bubble up to the top. Each participant in the process has an incentive to vote for the best rather than just a fellow partisan, because an obvious partisan would be less likely to survive to reach a higher level.

Voting rules within panels would use super majority votes, approval voting, or some other alternative to first-past-the-post.

-- Jon

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