“An anthropological introduction to YouTube”

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Clive Buckley

Sep 9, 2008, 4:37:09 PM9/9/08
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Hi Everyone
I guess many of you out there have already seen this amazing and inspiring lecture by Prof Wesch of Kansas State University but to me it encapsulates the connective society and the independence of the individual. Believe me, if you have not seen this, you should.


"An anthropological introduction to YouTube"  http://mediatedcultures.net/ksudigg/?p=179



Clive Buckley

Glyndŵr University

North Wales




Sep 9, 2008, 8:45:13 PM9/9/08
to Connectivism and Connective Knowledge
Thanks Clive

I have seen some of Wesch's work and been really impressed with his
insights. I found this vlog really eye-opening bringing together some
concepts I had never thought about before. I like his notion of media
as mediate in terms of relationships. That's new for me and gives me a
way to describe content and communications on the internet. His ideas
of identity and community are really important too because that's
where I see education heading at the moment, at least here in
Australia, there are signs indicating movement in that direction

Your recommendation was, 'if you haven't see this, you should.' I
think you are absolutely spot on.

Gerry White

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Sep 10, 2008, 1:07:39 AM9/10/08
to Connectivism and Connective Knowledge
This video reminded me a lot of the ubiquitous "Shift Happens" which,
in itself, is like a vlog of the Connectivism experience and, like
this video, contributes to it like a person turning the camera upon
oneself and energizing the same phenomenon it is reporting.

It was also a learning experience as, with the connection, I also
gained knowledge. With the touch of the video to my senses I suddenly
became aware as if eating the forbidden fruit of being a criminal in
doing what we all do regularly in regards to simple copying of sound
files, etc. The world has gone from the days of "decriminalize
marijuana" to "decriminalize multimedia!"

I also learned that I am catching onto a lot of concepts but not
posting them fast enough so they no longer sound original when I see
someone else say them...Another Borg mentality issue where you think
you had a thought but it is already out there...nothing new under the
sun...As CS Lewis said, "Friendship is when one says to another, 'I
thought I was the only one!'" With the connection and community of
the camera (or multimedia/internet/Web 2.0), we have all become
unwitting friends even with some unlikely folks we probably would not
have at our dinner table.

I only just discovered YouTube but for completely different reasons
than were portrayed. I never even considered the self-publishing
(pleasuring?) feature. Instead, I discovered that every song I ever
heard was somehow significant enough to someone else for them to have
posted it on YouTube. I literally stumbled across an old Italian song
(Blah, Blah" by Nicola Paone) that I hadn't heard since I was seven
years old when my father would play it for my mother whenever she came
home from work. It described their entire (can you say
"Dysfuntional"?) relationship in one song and was one of the very few
times I ever saw my father laugh (when not making a Mafia
hit...joking, though the Sopranos does seem like a home movie and Tony
Soprano is basically reprising the role of my father).

All that to say that I would never have admitted still remembering the
Johnny Appleseed song. But someone else did, too, and posted it on
YouTube. With my Iphone I am carrying these memories around, my
childhood in my pocket. And someone else is sharing my childhood
memories without even realizing it.

All that and a new vocabulary word, too..."Shitstain"! Interesting!

On Sep 9, 4:37 pm, "Clive Buckley" <clive.buck...@googlemail.com>


Nov 13, 2008, 3:06:01 AM11/13/08
to Connectivism and Connective Knowledge
Some thoughts about the intersection of
Wesch, Doyle, Campbell and the connectivist ideas
in the CCK08 posts:
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