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Jan 9, 2023, 7:23:51 AMJan 9
to conda-forge

Hello all,

This mailing list is now closed to new posts.

In recent years, support mailing lists like this one have largely migrated to online forum and chat formats. conda-forge has joined that trend, and it’s time to shutdown this list. We strongly encourage you to join us in our new spaces:

Conda Community Forum

The conda Community Forum is an online forum for questions, answers, news, and discussion about the conda ecosystem. The conda-forge section is decidated to conda-forge. Take a look at the Package BuildersUsers and News sections too.

conda-forge chat

If you have a short question, then you are encouraged to post it to the conda-forge main chat room. There are also several other chat rooms for specialized discussions.

Matrix/Element or Gitter?

All conda-forge chat rooms are available in Matrix/Element and Gitter. If you already use Gitter then it’s easy to add the conda-forge room(s) to your chat. However, in general Matrix/Element is a better choice because Gitter is no longer being developed.

If you aren’t familiar with Matrix (the underlying infrastructure and protocols) and Element (the most popular tool for working with Matrix) then please see:

The conda-forge Matrix space is also linked to from the conda Matrix space.

Where to ask: Forum or Chat?

If your question is more than a sentence or two then the forum is better. The forum is also easily searchable, and is indexed by search engines, so posting there helps the community more too.

However, if your question is short and is likely to have a short answer then chat is a great place to post it.

conda-forge news

The conda-forge announcements page is the definitive source of conda-forge news. News posts on that page are also available in an RSS feed

We look forward to seeing you online!

Dave Clements & Matthew Becker

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