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Space Borg

Sep 3, 2020, 3:08:32 PM9/3/20
to concordion


At my current work the language of choice for documentation is asciidoc.

Previously i used concordion with html and actually i feel like asciidoc is even better suited: more complete & open than markdown, way less verbose than html.

However, no concordion integration with Asciidoc :( And as far as i see no plan to do so. And no alternative tool for proper living documentation (to be able to run test based on the doc + do some screenshots is just awesome).

As such, while new to Asciidoc and a not a Concordion committer , i wonder if someone would have some plan on how to get there, for example how to integrate concordion syntax into asciidoc. If so, i would love to dig to see if doable.

Thanks a lot for concordion
kind regards

Nigel Charman

Sep 4, 2020, 4:05:10 PM9/4/20

It shouldn't be too hard to achieve. The main thing to decide is how to instrument Asciidoc with Concordion commands. The strategy we have followed is to make these invisible to a reader of the specification. For HTML, we use attributes. For Markdown, we use links (which has the added benefit of being visible if you hover over the link text in most editors). For Excel, we use comments.

You can create it as a Concordion extension, so don't need to be a core Concordion committer (but we could list it on the Concordion site if you like, similarly to the Excel extension).

You'll need to create a SpecificationConverter that converts from the Asciidoc input stream to an HTML input stream. The ExcelExtension provides an example of how to plug this into an extension.

I suggest you then start adding the Concordion command syntax, command by command. I'd copy the Markdown specifications and modify these to suit your Asciidoc syntax, starting with the set command.

I hope that gives you enough to get started. Let me know if you have any questions?

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