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Andy Dingfelder

Oct 1, 2018, 5:22:18 PM10/1/18
to concordion
I'm seeing a strange error in my Intellij IDE

Im using markdown like this:
| [run][] [Scenario](- "c:example")   |

The IDE is complaining of an error:
Error:(17, 34) '=' expected - this position refers to the closing doublequote after example

Looking at the docs, I see the following code
<div concordion:example="example2">
but that's for html, not markdown.  (all the markdown examples I see just say: "c:example")

I tried changing it to:
| [run][] [Scenario](- "c:example=compareSQL") |

But when I run that test, I get the following exception 
Specification has duplicate example: 'compareSQL'

java.lang.Exception: Specification has duplicate example: 'compareSQL'
at org.junit.runners.model.InitializationError.<init>(InitializationError.java:38)
at org.concordion.integration.junit4.ConcordionRunner.verifyUniqueExampleMethods(ConcordionRunner.java:100)

Whats the right way to do this in markdown?



Nigel Charman

Oct 2, 2018, 5:00:41 AM10/2/18
to concordion
The example command syntax with Markdown uses header elements, see https://concordion.org/instrumenting/java/markdown/#example-command.

Nigel Charman

Oct 3, 2018, 1:45:32 AM10/3/18
to Andy Dingfelder, conco...@googlegroups.com
Sorry, I didn't click this was part of a table.

Here are the docs for this , but it looks like you're right (assuming the run reference link is defined after the table).

Please raise an issue on the IntelliJ plugin.

On 2/10/18 11:14 PM, Andy Dingfelder wrote:
Thanks Nigel

I'm not sure I quite understood your response - I already referred to that page in my table header command - the example there shows 
## [Example 1](- "example1") 
my code had
| [run][] [Scenario](- "c:example") |
that's the line that the compiler is complaining about, looking for an equal sign
perhaps its an intellij issue ?

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Andy Dingfelder

Oct 3, 2018, 4:17:23 PM10/3/18
to concordion
yes, I do have a run command after that table.
I've added an issue - cheers
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