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Pescetto Ginecologia E Ostetricia: A Comprehensive Textbook of Gynecology and ObstetricsPescetto Ginecologia E Ostetricia is a textbook of gynecology and obstetrics written by Giuseppe Pescetto, Luigi De Cecco, and Domenico Pecorari. It was first published in 2001 by SEU, a publisher based in Rome, Italy. The book covers various topics related to the female reproductive system, such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnosis, therapy, surgery, and prevention. It also includes chapters on pregnancy, labor, delivery, neonatology, contraception, and menopause.

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The book is divided into two volumes: Ginecologia (Gynecology) and Ostetricia (Obstetrics). The first volume consists of 20 sections and 104 chapters, while the second volume has 14 sections and 63 chapters. The book is written in Italian and has a total of 2212 pages. It is intended for medical students, residents, specialists, and practitioners who want to learn or update their knowledge on gynecology and obstetrics.
Pescetto Ginecologia E Ostetricia is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative textbooks on gynecology and obstetrics in Italy. It has been revised and updated several times since its first edition. The latest edition is the fifth one, which was published in 2017. The book is also available online as a PDF file for free download from the Internet Archive[^1^] or as a Google Book[^2^]. A sample chapter can be accessed from the website of the authors[^3^].
Pescetto Ginecologia E Ostetricia is not only a valuable resource for learning the basics of gynecology and obstetrics, but also a useful guide for staying updated on the latest developments and innovations in the field. The book reflects the current evidence-based practice and incorporates the most recent guidelines and recommendations from national and international organizations. The book also covers emerging topics such as fetal surgery, maternal-fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology, and assisted reproductive technologies.
The authors of Pescetto Ginecologia E Ostetricia are renowned experts in their respective fields and have extensive clinical and academic experience. They have contributed to the advancement of gynecology and obstetrics through their research, publications, teaching, and leadership roles. They have also been involved in various professional societies and associations, such as the Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics.
Pescetto Ginecologia E Ostetricia is a must-have textbook for anyone who wants to gain a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of gynecology and obstetrics. It is also a reliable reference for practicing clinicians who want to improve their skills and outcomes in managing various gynecological and obstetrical conditions. The book is written in a clear and concise language, with numerous illustrations, tables, charts, algorithms, and clinical cases to facilitate learning and understanding. The book is also accompanied by online resources such as videos, quizzes, slides, and additional readings.

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