What do you think could be the reason for this composer error?

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D Thompson

Dec 11, 2014, 1:46:01 AM12/11/14
to compos...@googlegroups.com
All I want to do is successfully install this Amazon Product Advertising API and here's the error it's giving me (copied and pasted from that Github URL).

path:/var/www/html/apai-io$ php composer.phar install

Loading composer repositories with package information

Installing dependencies (including require-dev)

Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

Problem 1

- The requested package exeu/apai-io 1.0.0 could not be found.

Potential causes:

Read http://getcomposer.org/doc/articles/troubleshooting.md for further common problems.

Now, this is what my composer.json file looks like.


"name": "exeu/apai-io",

"type": "library",

"description": "Amazon Product Advertising PHP Library",

"keywords": ["Amazon", "ECS", "Product Advertising", "SOAP", "REST", "Products"],

"homepage": "https://github.com/Exeu/apai-io",

"license": "Apache-2.0",

"authors": [


"name": "Jan Eichhorn",

"email": "e-mail removed for this post",

"role": "Maintainer"



"name": "Dejan Spasic",

"email": "e-mail removed for this post.",

"role": "Developer"



"support": {

"issues": "https://github.com/Exeu/apai-io/issues"


"minimum-stability": "dev",

"require": {

"php": ">=5.3.0",

"ext-curl": ""


"require-dev": {

"phpunit/phpunit": "4.3.


"autoload": {

"psr-0": { "ApaiIO": "lib/" }


"require": {
"exeu/apai-io": "dev-master"


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