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John Maloney

Jan 25, 2013, 1:38:00 PM1/25/13

AngelList User Group Meeting

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Runway, 1355 Market Street, Suite 488

San Francisco, California USA

(Runway is a new tech startup incubator located in the Twitter Building.)


A while back, the IFTF and Forrester Research both independently identified disruptive innovation inhabiting the network nexus of the entrepreneur + enterprise + venture finance + academia. All four constituents need to be active to spawn authentic innovation. If you want to see this innovation dynamic revealed, laid open to witness, in all its glory, join your AngelList User Community. Forget the theories, hypotheses, hokum, ‘dilemmas’ and pretentious nonsense of innovation.  Rather, see it in action. See how talent, capital and ideas congregate and flow to create sustainable innovation. Embrace the rapidly advancing innovation revolution and help propel the future.




The goal of frictionless flow of capital, ideas and talent is important and ambitious. Over the last 36-months novel Web-based applications have achieved fundamental advancements towards this goal. Of the crop, Angellist ] has distinguished itself among the leaders. These subsystems are a genuine innovation of innovation.

 entrepreneurial finance, for the large part, remains a contact sport. Progress has been made through online intermediaries. However, face time is still a critical dimension of risk capital placement, talent acquisition and disruptive innovation. Proximate, personal relationships matter a lot. Raising capital is still an overly difficult proposition for entrepreneurs.

The AngelList User Group was formed to accomplish all the goals of traditional users groups. These activities include use cases, feedback, success stories and application mastery. In addition, and unique to startups
 and entrepreneurial finance, the group fulfills the need for developing the personal relationships and productive interactions that propel startups, talent and capital investment.

The AngelList User Group is focused on achieving successful outcomes for active participants. For investors this includes robust deal flow. For entrepreneurs this means adequate, timely capitalization. For talent it’s about getting your expertise used. Individual goals are advanced through interactions and relationships.

The modality for the AngelList User Group is proximate, authentic conversation. The group’s priority is nurturing productive interactions and prosperous relationships vis-à-vis the AngelList application and platform. New features, regulatory changes, crowdfunding, use cases and so forth, essential to the evolutionary lifecycle of AngelList and innovation, will be covered in due course.


Note: given the sensitive nature of the exchanges, the online group dimension will concern routine logistics primarily. 

Finally, the nexus of ideas, talent and capital is dynamic and social. A combination of application excellence, robust platform technology, social media, proximate interaction and lasting relationships will continuously ease friction and expand flow.


AngelList has shown substantial leadership. You are invited to activate in the AngelList User Group to create the future of entrepreneurial finance, talent and above all, innovation.

RSVP is required for access to the event venue. All are welcome. Please forward your invitation.



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