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John Maloney

Feb 7, 2013, 11:52:48 AM2/7/13

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smarter-companies update


Feb 7, 2013



our shared community wealth is growing thanks to you!  


The web has enabled people to engage in communities around common interest and exchange insight, information, knowledge and relationships. These online communities reflect the four elements of intangible capital; human, relationship, structural and strategic capital. The wealth of these communities is created, distributed, consumed and increased by the rate of exchange and the rate of interest in knowledge.


21st Century Smarter Companies are learning to mimic the value creation process of online communities as the means for co-creating, sharing, distributing and increasing their value to the marketplace. After all, the rate of exchange and the rate of interest are elements of wealth creation.



The Smarter Companies Community Wealth Creation Report



Rate of Interest:  Here are some of the recent activities representing interest in the community.    

  1. Membership has grown 11% during the first month of this year. The growth represents a annual compounding rate of interest of 283% if the monthly increases remain the same. The growth rate of interest represents a tremendous return on efforts, ROE. Many thanks to our members who have created the "interest"
  2. The interest in creating and sharing content has also increased. New content creation and sharing has doubled in January over December. The current new slide deck on our home page, Value Creation Has Shifted received over 3,800 total views between SlideShare and our community within the first 24 hours of posting.
  3. The top three blog posts that recently created the most interest include:
  4. The Smarter Companies ICounts Certification training program offering received excellent response with ten ICountants engaging and the interest continues with others learning about the program.
  5. The above representation of interest is indicative of the increase in strategic and structural capital afforded by the use of our technology as well as the information and knowledge contributed by members.


Rate of Exchange:Here are some of the recent activities representing the rate of exchange within the community.  


  1. We are seeing an increase in the exchange of information and relationship capital within and outside the community. 45 new members joined in January and subsequently internal request for connecting went up significantly over December. We encourage you to reach out and increase yours and the communities relationship capital.
  2. The addition of new members with existing members represents a significant growth in the community's combined human capital. The depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of our members represents an organization of wealth from the collective intangible capital.
  3. The community's activities are being shared and distributed to other online communities such as LinkedIn, Twitter, individual organizations and associations. The exchange of information and knowledge improves at the rate of interest which comes back and improves the rates of exchange. This dynamic mimics economic exchange created from intangible capital. Congratulations, you have created tangible results from intangible capital.





question of the week  


With every newsletter we will be posing a question to stir engagement and exchanges between members. Each weekly question will be posted in the forum and we invite you to share your thoughts on relevant answers. This week's question is:


What value can a company create from

measuring, monitoring and improving  

intangible capital?


You can post your answer here. Everyone in the community can learn from the group's answers so we'll look forward to learning from you!  


Next week we a doing a press release concerning our community, it's members, the tools and the collective knowledge being exchanged. Our objective is to raise the awareness of the value that is being created and to increase the rate of interest and the rate of exchanges.


We encourage you to make your presence known by engaging, sharing and distributing the intangible capital you have created. The world is watching and now is the time to show the world tangible results from intangible capital.


We look forward to creating more value with and for you!


smarter-companies  We empower consultants with tools, training and continuous learning to help them build smarter companies. Our offering includes open source tools, our own proprietary tools and a marketplace where other consultants can offer their own tools.  Become a  member of our community today!



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