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Jul 26, 2010, 2:41:16 PM7/26/10
to Compass
I'm working a blueprint/semantic project with django. I plan on using
django-css to compile the scss files (as opposed to compass -w). Is
there a way to create a self-contained project (that includes all of
the compass dependencies) so we don't have to use COMPASS on our
production servers and avoid potential project with team members
having different versions of COMPASS installed locally (IE over the
next few years).

Chris Eppstein

Jul 26, 2010, 3:09:31 PM7/26/10
You don't ever need compass on your production servers, but you do need it on any development or build servers (anywhere you're going to compile the css).

This compass command:

compass compile --force -e production path/to/project

can be called from any shell script or the executed from another program as long as compass is on the PATH.

You might need to patch django-css to teach it about compass if it doesn't know about it yet.

Another approach is to pass the following options to the sass CLI. this still requires compass to be installed but might be able to work with django-css out of the box:

-r compass `compass imports`


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