Adobe Donates Typefaces and Client Library to X Consortium

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Oct 10, 1991, 9:00:29 PM10/10/91

Adobe Donates Typefaces to MIT X Consortium for X Window System
Adobe Also Donates Source Code For Display PostScript Client Library

Mountain View, Calif. (October 9, 1991) - Adobe Systems Incorporated today
announced it has donated four typefaces from its Utopia(R) typeface family
in Adobe's Type 1 font format to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's
X Consortium. IBM announced today that it has donated an IBM-developed
Type 1 font rasterizer and a Type 1 Courier typeface to the consortium.

These technologies will be included in the X Consortium's X Window System, the
industry-standard windowing environment for UNIX workstations. Together, the
technologies give workstation users the ability to display and print a much
wider selection of high-quality fonts. The Utopia and Courier typefaces are the
first Type 1 fonts to be contributed to the X Window System.

"These technology donations by IBM and Adobe strongly position the Type 1 font
format as the unifying type standard for UNIX and give all X users access to
Type 1 fonts through the X server for the first time," said Dr. Charles
Geschke, Adobe's president and chief operating officer. "Vendors of the X
Window system can now give their customers access to the world's largest
collection of high-quality type, thereby increasing the attractiveness of
their workstations as platforms for electronic printing and publishing."

"With these offerings, IBM and Adobe are giving X Window System users a broader
choice of fonts and font suppliers," said Bill Colton, IBM Advanced
Workstations Division vice president, graphics systems. "We consider this a
significant technology contribution to the consortium, underscoring our
continued commitment to open systems."

"The availability of another rasterizer and more font options is a great
addition to the X Window System offering," said Robert Scheifler, director of
the X Consortium. "It will benefit both users and developers by providing
greater choice and opening up new markets for the X Window System. We are
pleased that IBM and Adobe have combined their expertise to deliver these

Utopia, an Adobe original typeface, combines traditional typographic style with
unique design innovations. Designed specifically for PostScript Type 1
technology, Utopia has established itself as an elegant and versatile typeface.

IBM's rasterizer, produced by the IBM Almaden Research Lab in cooperation with
Lexmark International, will help provide professional-quality, scalable fonts
to X Window System users, offering them more display flexibility. Adobe fonts
are part of the technology used in Display PostScript systems and PostScript
printers, which are widely used in the industry. The Courier and Utopia fonts
donated by IBM and Adobe are the first Type 1 fonts to be contributed to the X
Window System.

Display PostScript Client Library Donation

Adobe has also donated the source code for the pswrap preprocessor and the
Display PostScript system's Client Library to the X Consortium. The pswrap
preprocessor provides a way to use the PostScript language from within a C
language program.

The Client Library supports communication between the application and the
PostScript interpreter at the heart of the Display PostScript system. Together
these donations make the advanced text and graphics capabilities of the Display
PostScript system available on X Window System applications.

These donations will enable developers to create Display PostScript
applications on any network capable host machine, including supercomputers,
mainframes, workstations, and personal computers. They will also encourage
development of Display PostScript applications by including samples of
programs that take advantage of the Display PostScript system's powerful
imaging capabilities.

The MIT X Consortium obtains technology for and distributes the X Window
System, which is used in many workstation products from companies including
IBM, Digital Equipment Corp. and Hewlett Packard Co. Adobe and IBM are both
members of the consortium.

Adobe Systems Incorporated, founded in 1982, is headquartered in Mountain View,
California. Adobe develops, markets and supports computer software products
and technologies that enable users to create, display, print and communicate
electronic documents. The company licenses its technology to major computer
and publishing suppliers, and markets a line of type and applications software
products. Revenue for 1990 exceeded $168 million.

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PostScript, Display PostScript and Utopia are registered trademarks of Adobe
Systems Incorporated. X Window System is a trademark of Massachusetts
Institute of Technology. UNIX is a trademark of UNIX System Laboratories, Inc.

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