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new articles at The Motif Developer (23-Feb-00)

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David B. Lewis

Feb 25, 2000, 3:00:00 AM2/25/00

There are new articles available at the Motif Developer, which is the only
on-line magazine devoted to technologies related to Motif, X, CDE, and
related toolkits.

Newly-posted articles include:

The TimeField Widget: A Widget Suite Solution for Date and Time Entry
and Display

Many applications need to use entry fields for date and time data,
but Motif has no widget to help with this problem. But Motif's basis
in Xt means that it is possible to write a widget for date/time entry
and display. Nick Aiuto describes his TimeField widget, which
includes several other widgets useful in their own right.

These articles are added to a set of recently-posted articles, others of which
are titled:

The Making of BS, a Programmable Button Shell for X
The Anatomy of a Component
John Cwikla's Articles
X, Motif, C++ and ViewKit Papers
Understanding Web Enabled X
Spot The Common Error, #1
LessTif: A Free Clone of OSF/Motif

And, as usual, additional tips and letters have been added, and our article
archives house other useful information.

The Motif Developer is hosted at The Motif Zone, the definitive resource
for Motif developers; The Motif Zone is at .

David B. Lewis Editor, The Motif Developer: WebWrangler, The Motif Zone:

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