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Search Parameter Sharing Protocol (XSearch)

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John Lindal

May 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/4/00

A new protocol called the Search Parameter Sharing Protocol (XSearch) has
been developed for the X Window System to allow programs to share the
parameters associated with searching text. This provides an extension of
the standard ability of many text editors to allow the user to effortlessly
use text from one window as the search or replace string in another window.
With XSearch, a user can select text in one program and use a menu item to
save it as the search string, then select text in another program and save
it as the replace string, and finally go to a third program and perform the
search. This can be especially useful when bouncing between email messages
and source code.

The complete specification of the XSearch protocol is available at

The current list of supporters is at

John Lindal

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