fltk-0.98 (C++ gui toolkit)

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Bill Spitzak

Jan 19, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/19/98

FLTK (Fast Light Tool Kit) version 0.98 is now available.
(this is the toolkit formerly known as "FL").


Fltk (pronounced "fulltick") is a GPL'd C++ user interface toolkit
for X and OpenGL.

Fltk was created to build in-house applications at Digital Domain for
image processing and 3D graphics, but I have released it to the
public domain in the hopes that it can be used to make better,
faster, and nicer-looking Unix programs. Fltk is written directly on
top of Xlib and has been carefully optimized for code size and
performance. It hides the Xlib interface and is thus designed to be
portable to non-X systems.

Fltk was designed to be a very small UI library. Small enough so
that there it is not objectionable to statically link it with the
application: this allows it to be modified to the needs of each
application, and for the source to be included with your program as a
single distribution.


* sizeof(Fl_Object) == 40
* The "core" (measured on a 486 for the "hello" program) is < 46K.
* A program including every widget (again on a 486) is < 120K.
* Does not use macros, templates, multiple inheritance, or exceptions.
* Interactive user interface builder application.
* Builder outputs human-readable C++ source code.
* Double buffered windows (uses Xdbx if available)
* Support for overlay hardware, plus emulation if none
* Very small & fast portable 2-D drawing library to hide Xlib
* OpenGL/Mesa drawing area widget
* Ability to use OpenGL or Mesa to draw other widgets.
* Non-ugly pop-up and pull-down menus
* Text input fields with Emacs key bindings, X cut & paste
* Shortcut keys (including underscores in labels)
* Ability to label objects with .xbm, .xpm, or .gif files
* Compatability header file for the Glut library
* Compatability header file for the XForms library
* Much too much to list here...


* The primary change was to replace "fl" with "fltk" in the
documentation. None of the functions or objects changed name.
* Some work was done on portable bezier curve and arc drawing functions
and this is incorporated into the new version.
* Menus draw correctly even if your X server does not do overlays
or save-behind.


* http://www.cinenet.net/users/spitzak/fltk/
* ftp://hollywood.cinenet.net/pub/outgoing/fl/
* http://fl.projects.ml.org/
* ftp://projects.ml.org/pub/fl/
* (it should be on sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux too)


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message as this account is a junk mail sink.

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