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Announce: Motif 1.2.5 with Motif Window Manager (mwm) now available for Solaris 7

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Mark Hatch

Mar 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM3/16/00

Motif 1.2.5 development and end user environments are now available for
Solaris 7 from ICS (

The availability of this software provides two key benefits:

1) For corporations migrating to Solaris 7, it eliminates the need to
retrain end users of business applications. The original Motif Window
Manager (mwm) is not included on Solaris 7. For corporations with an
installed base of end users, the differences in moving to a CDE platform
can require a significant investment in training. After installing and
configuring the Premier Motif End User Pack end users can select their
familiar mwm based environment at login.

2) Migrating to Motif 2.1 can require application changes, even if you
take advantage of the built-in backwards compatibility of Motif 2.1. The
development version of Premier Motif allows you to create Motif
applications based on the widely used Motif 1.2.5 release. If your
existing applications are based on Motif 1.2.5 and you are planning to
migrate to Solaris 7, using Premier Motif could save you a significant
amount of time and development energy.

For further information on Premier Motif for Solaris 7 or for our other
Motif related products (including for the Linux platform), training or
consulting, call us at 1.617.621.0060 or send email to

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