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Announce: Motif release to Open Source Community leads to Open Motif Everywhere

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Mark Hatch

May 15, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/15/00

Today, May 15, 2000, The Open Group released the source code of Motif
to the Open Source community. The Open Group Public license will allow
the release of the Motif source code for use, reproduction and
distribution on Open Source platforms such as Linux and FreeBSD, without
the payment of royalties. The further details and the source code for
Open Motif is now available at

Concurrent with this announcement, Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
(ICS), has released the "Open Motif Everywhere" distribution. In
creating this distribution, ICS has compiled and tested Open Motif on a
number of distributions including: Corel (Intel), FreeBSD (Intel), Linux
PPC 2000 (PPC), Mandrake (Intel), Red Hat (Intel, Sparc, Alpha),
Slackware (Intel), Storm 2000 (Intel), SuSE (Intel), and TurboLinux
(Intel). RPMs, DEBs, and tar.gz are provided as appropriate for the
specific distribution. Although not specifically tested, other
distributions are also expected to work.

ICS is making the binaries and sources to Open Motif Everywhere
available for free downloads through ICS' new Motif portal site, The goal of the MotifZone is to provide a
center for open source enhancements to Open Motif.

A CD-ROM distribution, containing all precompiled binaries, Open Motif
source code, postscript versions of the official Motif 2.1 Manual set
and email installation support is available through the MotifZone
( too. Annual support contracts are offered for
commercial customers.

For more info, write or visit the MotifZone -

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