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Xenix 2.3.4 Development System, WANTED

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Jun 21, 2007, 2:38:10 PM6/21/07

I am into retro-computing as a hobby (there are worst things, you know...).

Anyway, I am currently running SCO Xenix 2.3.4 for i386 on an old PC,
and together with some manuals and reference documentation I downloaded
in PDF form from the Internet, I am loving the hours I spend with this
"new" toy!

However, the floppy set I got with this system does not include a
development environment for the C language, and THAT is a real bummer.

So, I am searching for the "Development System(386)" for SCO Xenix
2.3.4. I think that is what I need, at least according to this FAQ:

Also, this web page has this to say:

> Xenix, Unix and ODT do not ship with program development tools. These
> are unbundled into packages known as Development Systems. The
> rationale behind this is that many users of SCO systems are using
> off-the-shelf software and never need to write a line of C code.

This software kit seems to be totally unavailable and lost. eBay is
empty of this, also. The ed2k network is empty too.

So, does anyone have it in some forgotten closet? How could we
retro-computing hobbyists get our hands on this development environment
for SCO Xenix 2.3.4 ?

Any information or tips are most welcomed.

Thank you.


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