Anyone have an old Altos 1086?

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Dec 14, 2007, 2:05:50 PM12/14/07
I am wondering if anyone could provide pics of a couple Altos 1086
We were going to scrap ours, then found the last backup tape is
corrupt from this system. One of our IT guys pulled chips off the
boards for souvenirs.
We have the boards, and the IC chips, both undamaged, but we don't
know what goes where.

Can someone please point me to pics of the following boards?

Altos 2086 board # 615-15152-001 - missing IC 16B
Altos Controller # 615-15290 -- missing ICs 6C, 8C
Altos IO Board # 615-15876-003 missing ICs 8E, 17D
Altos IO Board # 615-15976-003 missing ICs 8E, 17D

Or if someone can just reply with the missing IC numbers...

Thank you!

Ken Guenther

Dec 27, 2007, 12:19:30 PM12/27/07
<> wrote in message

I have an Altos 1086. If you send me your email address I'll take some pics
of mine and send to you. I could use some spare parts for mine if your
scapping yours I will be glad to pay for shipping. My email is kguenther6


Ken Guenther

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