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Asynchronous X Windows?

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R. Stewart Ellis

Apr 24, 1993, 2:15:21 PM4/24/93
to (Rob Ryan) writes:

>Is there anyway to use X Windows over an async line? Clearly you could use
It is X window.

>SLIP, but are there any that don't require that overhead? Can you setup a
>async X interface? I thought I heard about such an implementation, but now
>can't find it. Can anyone lend me a hand? Thanks.

>-- Rob

>Rob Ryan, System Constructs Inc.

I am currently using a package named term, version 1.0.7. It seems to be
most widely used in the Linux community, but I am currently typing this in
one of three xterms on my SPARC running Solaris 2.1 at home connected to a
4/690 running SunOS 4.1.3 at school with a v32 modem. Last night I launched
ftptool in one of the xterms. I have run Island Write, xv, xgopher, etc.
Both ends run completely in user space. I got the pieces at
It is a marvelous hack if you do not have slip or ppp. It CAN be a little

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Matt Landau

Apr 24, 1993, 5:45:30 PM4/24/93
In <ellis.735675321@nova> (R. Stewart Ellis) writes:
>>Is there anyway to use X Windows over an async line? Clearly you could use
> x
>It is X window.

No, it isn't. It is the "X Window System", or "X11", or "X" or any of
a number of other designations accepted by the X Consortium. In fact,
doing "man X" on pretty much any X11 machine will tell you:

The X Consortium requests that the following names be used
when referring to this software:

X Window System
X Version 11
X Window System, Version 11

There is no such thing as "X Windows" or "X Window", despite the repeated
misuse of the forms by the trade rags. This probably tells you something
about how much to trust the trade rags -- if they can't even get the NAME
of the window system right, why should one trust anything else they have
to say?

With regard to dialup X11 implementations, there are several. You can
buy serial X11 terminals from a couple of companies, including both
GraphOn and NCD. (In fact, I'm composing this from an NCD running X11
over serial lines across 14.4 kbaud connection.)

NCD also sells a software-only package that provides XRemote (which is
NCD's implementation of serial X11) for PC's. There may be other such
software packages available.

X11R6 is supposed to include a standardized compression scheme for running
X11 over low-speed connections. It's called Low Bandwidth X (LBX), and
is based on improved versions of the techniques used in NCD's XRemote.

It seems likely that once LBX is released as a Consortium standard, there
will be several vendors willing to supply implementations for various
sorts of hardware.

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