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Installation of r3.2 w/o activation key

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Radek Tomis

Sep 30, 1998, 3:00:00 AM9/30/98
Carlo P. Linga wrote:
> We have an old SCO Unix System V Release 3.2 installed 4 years ago
> when I

What version exactly ?
Run `uname -X`.
I guess it will be 3.2v4.2.

Release number (3.2) isn't important as all SCO Unixes have it same, as
far as I've seen. The version number is the only interesting thing
(v4.[012], v5.0.[0245] for example).

> was not with the company yet. The system was very reliable until
> recently when the HDD crashed and we could no longer boot up. I
> tried to reinstall it but it requires the 'activation key' which was
> apparently lost. I tried to call our local dealer here but they
> don't seem to know how to solve the problem. I can't seek SCO's
> support because we don't have a maintenance contract.

If you know serial number at least (probably retained from the system
itself) and you are willing to share it with me (hopefully not breaking
your license agreement by providing only serial number w/o activation
key), you can send me serial number along with exact product
specification (i.e. "Open Desktop" / "Open Desktop Lite" / "Open
Server", etc.) and I might try to stare into my crystal ball and find
out if there happens to be any corresponding activation key for your
serial number. Then I would send it back to you.

If you don't know even serial number, as a temporary fix, let me take a
look into my magical crystal ball right now.

[...crystal ball revealing its secrets...]

For SCO v4.[01] "SCO UNIX System V Runtime System", I'm seeing the
following Serial Number / Activation Key pairs:

Serial Number Activation Keys
FreeSCO40 ynezdfkj or custnxgf or ...
SCOunix40 ulqftnuh or ysezdfqd or ...
SantaCruz cpstnxdi or kyuhhuia or ...
NTgoesSCO sxwvbrjw or uqqftauu or ...
SCOgoesNT mhorzddo or uqqftabn or ...
DMandCure grgnxpuj or ikaxpldw or ...
MLewinsky cpstnkft or wekpljvc or ...
BWClinton ulqftacm or scwvbeuy or ...

For SCO v4.2 "Open Desktop/Server", I'm seeing the following Serial
Number / Activation Key pairs:

Serial Number Activation Key
ODT ODT-Lite ODT-Lite-Net OSE OSE-16
FreeSCO42 wwfhhhbu osdtnzja wwfhuqri kqpzqzkc eahvbhzq
SCOunix42 kqpzdfat wwfhhwhz kqpzqoqh ykzrmxjb surnxfyp
SantaCruz kqpzdfdq aytbrovd wwfhudpx mejjivyk ykzrztkr
NTgoesSCO gobftnfw uilxpaka wwfhudlb icvpyqgx ykzrzgmc
SCOgoesNT kqpzdffo cmnljkim surnkyps aytbetmu icvplmwy
DMandCure qgxdftyj osdtnzef eahvoasr gobfgumv aytbrchd
MLewinsky mejjvbsx wwfhhjil cmnlwrfv ykzrmkqh osdtnadf
BWClinton uilxpyam eahvbgco uilxchjh kqpzqzhf wwfhhkdp

ODT SCO Open Desktop
ODT-Lite SCO Open Desktop Lite
ODT-Lite-Net SCO Open Desktop Lite with Networking
OSE SCO Open Server Enterprise System (multiuser)
OSE-16 SCO Open Server Enterprise System (16 user)

For SCO v5.0.x "OpenServer", I'm seeing the following License Number /
Code pairs:

License Number License Code
Desktop Host Enterprise
FreeSCO5x nznecpyf eifmgrhy eitswzna
SCOunix5x dhrgqjip agrswmsi uqxuktxk
SantaCruz lltukgim iktgqwwo mmvgqwdh
NTgoesSCO lltuktrq uqjouyqw oapqifhm
SCOgoesNT xrjcoise qovuktto scdksxfg
DMandCure pnhouyxp culcovaj wereccxt
MLewinsky nznecpvi oabksxcj ysloulmn
BWClinton hjfaaotj ysxieqfz agfymhoh

As you can see, these are just guesses of mine, none of them would
break my (nor anyone's) non-disclosure agreement with SCO, Inc.
They may or may not work. One would have to try them out.

Radek Tomis

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