MachTen Porting Advice?

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Mar 28, 2003, 12:16:32 AM3/28/03
Hi folks,

I'm trying to get some stuff installed on MachTen. I'm fairly
inexperienced Unix-wise, and I'm running
into problems when it comes to getting stuff compiled.

Basically, I'm running ./configure, then make. Make is where the
process stops for one reason
or another. For example, I'm trying to install Vim 6 on my system.
According to the site, Vim
is fairly self-contained, so I shouldn't need anything outside of the
sourcefiles to build it.
Unfortunately, Make keeps stopping right after I start it up. The exact
message is "make: *** [objects/os_unix.o] Error1". It's a little
different with Xemacs, which I tried to compile for use with Kawa, a Java
Scheme implementation.

Basically, does anyone have any advice about porting software to
MachTen? What are the common
pitfalls I may be dealing with here? Any success stories?

Much thanks,

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