Cross-compilation PPC/M68k

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Oct 29, 2003, 5:39:46 AM10/29/03

"delgoeth" <> wrote in message
> Finally, I don't know if it's even possible to buy Pro MachTen now.
> Power MachTen was discontinued prior to the end of last year. Since
> it was the successor to Pro MachTen, it follows that Pro must have
> been discontinued prior to the arrival of Power.
> Erik
It can be found on a couple of hotline servers if you look hard enough. I
don't usually advocate stealing non micro$hit products, but I believe 68k
MachTen should qualify as abandonware.

If all you want is to run Unix on a 68k mac, I'd suggest A/UX myself, if
your machines are supported. It hasn't been sold by Apple since the mid
90's, but it too can be downloaded from several places. True AT&T Unix,
with a classic Mac interface if you choose...the best of all worlds, in my

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