What is SIGBUS - Object specific hardware error?

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Jim Parker

Mar 14, 2002, 9:03:48 PM3/14/02
We are running Sun Solaris and several of our processes are coring
occassionally with SIGBUS - object specific hardware error. Looking at
the core file with dbx shows nothing wrong with registers or pc or npc.
pc is pointing to a save instruction at the start of a shared object
function and npc is pointing to the instruction following that. Stack
pointer and frame pointer are pointing to good stack memory addresses.
Parameters look fine. The stack has not been exhausted. Everyone where I
work understands SIGBUS - address alignment or SIGBUS - invalid address
but this "object specific hardware error" has us stumped. What is it
that the machine/os doesn't like?

Note: at this point I'm more interested in knowing why the process cored
rather than how it got to that point. Not unlike a doctor doing an
autopsy: I appear to be examining a very healthy patient except for the
fact that he's dead. I want, first, to know why he's dead. Then I'll
figure out how he got killed.


Paul D Fox

Mar 15, 2002, 6:28:20 AM3/15/02
Jim Parker <jdpar...@comcast.net> wrote in message news:<3C9156D2...@comcast.net>...

One way to get this is if you mmap a file, and that file is
subsequently truncated. You get SIGBUS when trying to prod bits of
your address space where the pages have been stolen out from under

> Jim

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