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May 4, 2019, 7:34:45 PM5/4/19
I recently purchased a pair of tickets for an event at Red Rocks
amphitheater and was issued "flash tickets" which which I assumed were
just tickets sent to my email address that I then print out. It seems
that is too straightforward and that I'm actually expected to create an
account on AXS and register some sort of ID, all so I can presumably
print my tickets. I personally find this incredibly intrusive as well
as an unrealistic technological expectation for purchasing a pair of
movie tickets. Is there any option for simply having actual tickets
emailed to me? I really do not wish to create an on-line account and
provide a credit card number or drivers license number for a one-time
event. I do not trust that my information will be secure as evidence by
many many publicized hacking incidents.

Jeff Woodall
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