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Making RockPro64 a NetBSD Server

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Mar 12, 2022, 8:45:36 AM3/12/22

"The time has come to upgrade my SunBlade 2500s to something more power
friendly and faster. I'd already removed one CPU and thus half the ram
from two of these systems to reduce their power consumption, but it's
still much higher than it could be.

After much searching, I've decided on Pine64's RockPro64 4GiB ram model
(technically, only 3.875GiB ram.) Pine64 make SBCs, laptops, phones, and
various other mostly ARM gadgets, and the RockPro64 has the fastest CPU
they ship (Rockchip RK3399), and can use a small "NAS Case", that is
sufficient to house 2 HDDs and, at a stretch, upto 6 SSDs (cooling would
become quite an issue at this point.)..."

posted by matthew green on netbsd blog
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