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9 GB external drive?

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Jun 2, 2010, 6:36:32 PM6/2/10
I've got a 9 GB (AVID brand) external drive that I'd like to install A/
UX on (I have the requisite CD ROM and have managed to boot the A/UX
install CD, but lack the cables to hook both the HDD and CD ROM to the
Mac for the moment).

I booted a System 7 boot floppy with a patched Apple HD SC Utility
(not the A/UX one, unfortunately) and this tested the drive and
started an init, but failed 30-40 minutes later.

Is this likely to be different with the A/UX HD utility or am I

AndreasFriedrich Berendsen

Aug 3, 2016, 5:21:32 PM8/3/16
Not sure if you received any anwers..

Anyway, the use of an external SCSI HDD should be exatcly the same as an internal HDD.

SCSI is a bus technology. The SCSI card (oc chip) is simply another device on the bus. It is a SCSI-to-host bridge (or Host Bus Adapter-HBA). So, if the bus is properly terminated, all the devices on the SCSI bus has the potential to see any other SCSI device, including any OS that have the correct device driver installed.

In general, external HDDs tend to turn off the spining after some idle time.

If you suspect that the HDD is faulty, you can use a SCSI adapter and replce the old SCSI with a new HDD (SCSI 50pin, SCSI 69pin, SCSA).
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