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Jacob Dahl Pind

Sep 24, 2002, 9:44:15 PM9/24/02

After having tryed for 3 houres to get amix installed from a wangtek 5150es
I gave up, and started to search for another way to get amix install.

here is what I came up with, use dd to place the cpio archiv into the
swap partition, can be done from *bsd, linux or amiga os.

under linux do the following.

dd if=core.cpio of=/dev/sdb2

then return the harddrive to your amiga and boot from the install disks,
mount your root partition in /mnt and cd to it.

mount /dev/dsk/c6d0s1 /mnt 0 ufs
cd /mnt

then do a

dd if=/dev/dsk/c6d0s2 | cpio -icdmuB

that way you can install amix without any tape drive.

regards Jacob Dahl Pind

CBM, Amiga,Vintage hardware collector


Oct 2, 2002, 6:16:26 AM10/2/02


After seeing this post from Jacob, i decided to try installing amix on my
I had some hard way to get dd working from my linux box to the amiga
It was not easy to make the drive booting, but now, my amiga boots amix.
As i only installed the core package, how could i install others ?
I tried the same way with a partition on another disk. I should have done
a mistake because my linux box do not recognise the partition table !

Thank you Jacob,


Jacob Dahl Pind

Oct 2, 2002, 9:33:48 AM10/2/02

you should be able to install the rest the same way, if you are having
problemes with using linux for it, you can always use amiga dos, using
xstreamtodev from netbsd, its easy to inject those cpio files into the swap
partition and then boot from the install floppy disks. Or inject them to a
another partition and then boot amix normaly.

I have also tried a partition on a differen harddrive, but amix hangs when
its access it. Could be that it simply doesnt like that ibm scsi drive, not sure.

Anyway if the linux kernel was compilede with rdb support it should pick the
partitions up right, you havnt dd to the wrong /dev and there by overwriten
the rdb by any chance ?

btw. does anyone have the gateway! vol 2. cdrom ? it contains some patches and drives
for amix, drives for adriana ethernet cards and a new X with support for other
graphics cards ?

Regards Jacob Dahl Pind

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