Update on Innovative Activities: Game Theory Software

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May 10, 2022, 1:03:43 PMMay 10

Hi everyone,

I have another big idea about software that I could sell to businesses. The idea is game theory software. I haven't worked out all of the features, but one big idea is to allow different ways of modeling games--including as a "spatial matrix" game as I described (it's my economics idea), as an extensive-form game, as a payoff-matrix game, perhaps as a Bayesian game, and maybe other ways to express games, too.

The best feature of the system will be the use of a very efficient Nash equilibrium calculation algorithm--for complete information games, since Bayesian/incomplete information games definitely don't have a calculable Nash equilibrium if the strategic actors' probabilities of being "certain types" is unknown (i.e., if the hidden payoffs in the terminal nodes of the game are not even known probabilistically)--that I now believe I was the first to devise.

I don't have a price or a full features list for this software idea yet, but the software is intended for businesses interested in strategic planning and will likely be expensive.

I'll complete details of this project later; right now I'm just announcing the idea and the confirmed-to-be-correct Nash equilibrium calculator for complete information games; I'll study more game theory later if I need to and this idea seems like it would be demanded enough by firms for me to make money from selling it.

-Philip White (philip...@yahoo.com)
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