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Aug 13, 2022, 10:26:00 PMAug 13


I only use these in (quasi-)emergencies; I believe my nutty parents stole one of my medications and threw all of the pills out. Fortunately, I have other pills of the same type that are older that I can combine to form the same dose for now. I will need to get a new prescription, and give the highly dangerous CVS pharmacy people a 0 in advance because I know they will be difficult.

Stop assaulting my health.

I do need to get out of here.

I think that my next door neighbors, Dr. Joel Silverman and his wife, who are psychiatrists, would like to show the world that they are actually serious about Dr. Silverman's chosen career, that he and his wife not speak to my parents ever again, based on their frequent assaults on at least one psychiatric patient.

I'll be fine for the next few days, but don't know if CVS will cooperate to re-fill the prescription that my parents threw out (no one else has access), and don't know if liars will fabricate claims that "I did it on purpose, this doesn't happen often, what is he doing, blah blah blah."

I'm serious about my health and angry at predator types who seem to be psychologically unable to stay away from me and mind their own businesses.


Aug 13, 2022, 10:28:59 PMAug 13
As evidence: Poster "Pancho Valvejob" posted hours ago "post it again" repeatedly; that implies that it was known that this was coming. I didn't know then; my parents surely told someone in advance. I didn't get rid of my meds myself, my parents are crazy. If I had done it, no one would have known I would have been about to post another 0, since I do not communicate with anyone except in public, on Twitter and Usenet.

I have at least weeks of the other pills, but I worry that CVS will be difficult and make excuses. Hopefully they will replace the pills; I don't care if they want to indulge in acting out whatever anti-Philip-White fantasy they have dreamed up to live through and experience this time.



Aug 13, 2022, 10:30:20 PMAug 13
Also, Dr. K skipped my last appointment, canceling again (this is the second he's done this) without notice; I was greeted by Zoom saying that "the host has locked the meeting," like last time.

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