Conditional financial incentive offer: $1 million for getting me out by May 30 if I have enough money.

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May 10, 2022, 2:29:18 PMMay 10

Hi everyone,

In a previous post, I said I would pay $1000 for emails...I forgot the exact details of the post, but I will honor's contingent on me having a certain amount of money.

Clearly, I'm very motivated to get out of here in a timely manner, and willing to do some (legally/ethically inflicted) damage to entities of any size and power that might be seeking to obstruct my self-liberation efforts; I don't mind cutting others down, non-violently and ethically, if they want to try to get me kept as a slave, and I will not be merciful or sorry about is very easy to not support hurting me.

Anyway, here's my new offer:

- If I am able to obtain $100 million or more within 15 years...
- Then if a particular person or organization can get me out of here by no later than 11:59 p.m. on May 30...
- ...and prove conclusively and definitively, presenting an airtight case, that this entity did the indispensable work that was needed to get me out, and was "the top MVP" of getting me out...
- ...then I will owe that entity $1 million within 3 months of being notified by the organization, after I have the money, as a payment for helping me.

I waive any duress rights; I would definitely do it, $1 million out of $100 million wouldn't be a big deal. I would definitely pay and agree that I should I be sent to jail for years for fraud if the conditions above were met, including me having the money and a truly conclusive airtight proof that some entity helped me get out by May 30, and I didn't pay up. I'll definitely pay $1 million to a person or organization that helps me if I get $100 million within 15 years, it's a guarantee.

-Philip White (


May 10, 2022, 2:30:29 PMMay 10
(By "get me out of here" I mean "end the restriction on me communicating and get rid of the bot.")
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