Is Joe Biden planning a right-wing extremist math camp to train kids?

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May 11, 2022, 5:17:43 PMMay 11

If he is, I can tell you with "pretty good confidence" though not total certainty, as someone who knows what goes into "a successful math education" in some cases at least, that this plot will fail.

I've said before: "Logic eludes the unfair." Another way to put it is: Intolerant people who want to hurt others and take over the world for some non-inclusive interest, openly or stealthily, are going to find themselves mysteriously challenged at every step of the futile journey to be a "bad-guy math genius." There are no "extremist math geniuses," according to my convictions. You must embrace tolerance to be good at math, and I will not explain why I believe this so adamantly.

-Philip White (
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