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Jan 19, 2022, 4:40:37 PMJan 19


It sounds like I am going to be sleep deprived for a number of days, which could lead me to have go to a hospital. I would interpret my hospitalization as a clear, "No, Phillip, we will never buy your differential equations ideas," signal from Israel.

Perhaps someone has checked with the lawyers who received my ideas; perhaps the lawyers lied under duress and said that the ideas were wrong. If the lawyers chose to steal my ideas and illegally pass that information to Israel, Ukraine, the USA, or Taiwan, then that would constitute a capital offense--espionage. This would be detected when a foreign military's capability increased, leading to very bad consequences for whomever stole my ideas, if that happened.

Anyway, back to the main point: If Israel/Ukraine/Taiwan signals "No," then I would imagine that Ukraine and Taiwan will get invaded by Putin and Jinping pretty soon, since if I'm not selling it, there will be no ability to save these countries from destruction. If I'm wrong, it might mean that my diff eq was stolen. There is no way to be sure though. Only two lawyers wrote back to me when I emailed about the tech.

So, since my ability to sleep is being negatively impacted by CIA noise robots, I might well state my "shockingly insulting comment," which might wake up the Taiwan/Ukraine governments to take action:

"Thank you in advance for dying to prove my point."

I don't mean it exactly, but maybe if I'm insulting enough, people will wake up and come to their senses? Even if you reject my perspective, when I'm sleeping normally or not, you should understand math and math talent well enough to get that I have solved diff eq equations. I am not rooting for Russia/China, but I don't think anyone will like what happens if I am driven to have to go to the hospital due to CIA sleep deprivation torture. I will of course not be "discredited" or anything close to the "top victim" of the stupid action; it will bother me a little bit for a few weeks, and hurt the perpetrators and friends much more, and they'll deny it, and horrible things will happen, and they'll I'm delusional, which I'm not, and more and more bad things will happen to the (typically neurotypical lunatics) who want to unfairly and illegally attack me. I'll be fine; they won't.

Of course I'm affected by the lack of sleep. I will win in the end; I'm starting to think that my unique capability to cure the coronavirus will not be purchased, ever, and then the coronavirus will be with us for many years to come. That is the price of the anti-science mentality, and yes, I'm predicting that gay marriage will be banned within a few years, too, although I can't be sure.

Maybe I will sleep again someday though.

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