Four More Simple EE Ideas That I Think I Could Build Now

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May 15, 2022, 5:09:19 PMMay 15

Hi everyone,

This batch of ideas includes four simple-to-describe ideas that I think I can implement and build, as business products:

1 - "Sound stopper"--halt all noise/sound waves in an area, to effectively create "a muted and quiet" environment with no noise in the area. I'll investigate safety later.

2 - "Leak stopper"--given a boat/ship at sea of any size, I believe I could build a device that, when attached or more times to the bottom of the ship underneath it, it would stop all "serious leaks" if there were a crash or a hole that manifested itself in the boat or ship. I'm not sure how it would do against, e.g., torpedoes or other explosive devices.

3 - "Crash stopper"--a device that could be installed inside of an automobile to, in the event that a rather or very high-speed crash is detected, could minimize harm to people inside the vehicle and those outside the vehicle. I am not sure that I prevent casualties to, e.g., pedestrians who might get hit by a car.

4 - "Storm stopper"--a device that could safely halt adverse weather conditions in an area, e.g., you could eliminate clouds in the area, stop a hurricane or snow storm, and perhaps even start a rainstorm for the purpose of farming-related issues.

I'll post more thoughts on my ideas later.

-Philip White (
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