Microsoft Office Competitor Products: Desktop Excel-and-Word-Type Software with Uploading, Data/Writing Monetization, and Collaborative-Filtering-Based AI Writing/Data Evaluation

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May 10, 2022, 12:52:23 PMMay 10

Hi everyone,

I just thought of two great new I wrote above, I want to build Desktop applications that do word processing and database/spreadsheet management, with the extra features, as an AI-entry point to allow me to compete, of allowing users optionally upload their data sets and documents they've written to the internet for other users to see in public if they own the Desktop software too.

The idea is, users can make money (as a percentage of yearly sales from subscriptions, since I would probably sell the desktop software itself for fairly cheap and then let users upgrade to the internet version for a monthly or yearly subscription fee) based on "getting points" from high-quality document/spreadsheet submissions, and also get feedback in the form of numerical evaluations, based on proprietary collaborative filtering ideas that I have and will likely continue developing.

So in summary:

- You can buy the word-and-excel type applications for a price.
- You can also purchase a monthly or yearly internet subscription.
- The subscription allows users to make money from good submissions.
- (Users can submit things anyway, without the subscription.)
- The subscription also enables quantitative evaluations of user writing and data.
- Based on my capabilities, I don't think Microsoft or other firms could compete with me successfully and defeat me at being the dominant spreadsheet/word-processing software company.

-Philip White (


May 10, 2022, 2:09:49 PMMay 10
I forgot to mention two things:

1) I have good natural language processing ideas that are still under development--nothing has been implemented or tested yet.
2) I would allow users to react, including with ratings, to spreadsheets and written documents posted by other users; that would help to get good ratings/evaluations for submitted content.

-Philip White (
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