--A Brief Digression From My Usual Apolitical Posts--

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Jan 16, 2022, 9:02:37 PMJan 16

Hi everyone,

I have a rather important announcement to make about me as a strategic thinker, which you are free to disbelieve even though I assert that it is true because I am presenting almost no evidence: I am now the greatest political strategist alive today. My strategic ideas about politics are incomplete, but could be completed quickly if I needed to. I see myself as very principled, ethical, and virtuous; I have no plans to ever break a law or do anything unethical or unfair.

I probably will not run for office, ever. The rather obvious comparison is, politics is important and Congress and the WH are evil, just as the energy industry is important and Enron was not worth working for. If the WH and Congress were ever ethical enough that I would consider for working for them, I very likely wouldn't be needed. I could run and win, but don't want to also because of the time commitment and travel requirement, although I maintain my very liberal values.

Part of my plan to defend myself from additional idiotic government harassment in the future is to ensure that I have the easy-to-apply capability to train political candidates to win the WH. I won't use the capability unless I have to; I am comfortable being an ordinary and political good citizen who engages in no candidate-focused political strategy efforts. However, if I or anyone else I select is illegally threatened by government forces, I am very likely to use my "President-buster" capability, repeatedly if necessary (e.g., if one of my selected candidates is also unethical), to secure me and my community as needed. It's merely a question of identifying and getting in touch with a satisfactory candidate, preparing and sending a lengthy political strategy email, and being prepared to do it again if I'm attacked again.

I don't see this as an illegal threat, i.e., as extortion; it is merely transparency regarding how I will respond if I am threatened again. In a sense, my actions would constitute "aggression against political interests," akin to starting a business to compete with another business...it is not aggressive action against a person that I am threatening. I am not positive that my comments are definitely not extortion, but I am certainly under duress right now, and my communication is intended to resolve that duress, so of course I am confident that my communication is legal, since I'm sending it right now while I'm still being attacked every day.

-Philip White (philip...@yahoo.com)
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