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May 14, 2022, 2:30:26 PMMay 14

I wasn't bothered today by the CVS pharmacy...good. In general, "learning your place" and "learning to act appropriately" is very important and a good idea, especially on the job. I'm happy to have no complaints today.

A concern, though: At many organizations in the past, including CVS, I've dealt with a lot of "bad/illegal behavior sine-wave-ry," where the organization does bad things for a while, tries to feel tough and dominant, really drags it out, and then stops, calms down, and goes to neutral. Then, when the slightest thing annoys the organization or its personnel, even nothing legitimate at all, the bad behavior returns, like a King's decree.

This sort of very bad and frustrating behavior pattern is exactly what I'm hoping not to see from CVS personnel in the future. I am acting "dominant and condescending" because I have always acted more adult-like at all of the stores I've patronized, including CVS; I concede no bad behavior on my part because I essentially acted like a perfect saint and a role-model citizen, so I've earned the right to act "high-status" here and speak with some authority regarding this issue. Basically, I hope that this first incident in a while of CVS employees at the pharmacy acting very appropriately will not be pivoted away from, and instead that this good behavior will become a habit for personnel who have struggled to meet my expectations as a customer, for one thing, in the past.

Try to keep up the good work. Staying polite to me is easy, let's see if you all can do it. Walmart should do that too, and this post shouldn't annoy anyone who is handling it right--I'm discussing my legitimate complaint.

-Philip White (
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