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New RSS 1.1 spec released

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Andy Dingley

Jan 18, 2005, 10:46:08 AM1/18/05

>I'm pleased to announce the release of the RSS 1.1 Specification.
>This is a bugfix version of RSS 1.0 that I've developed with Christopher
> Schmidt and Cody Woodard which utilises more up-to-date features of
> RDF and XML, as well as implementing sundry architectural and i18n
> improvements.
>To coincide with the release, we're also providing a number of
>implementations including an RSS 1.1 Feed Validator;
>an online RSS Converter
>which can turn RSS 1.0 into 1.1, and 1.1 into XHTML; and
> a Rough Guide to RSS 1.1
>which contains links to various other materials including our test
> suite and implementations for Movable Type and Wordpress.
>Feedback would be very much appreciated, and you can contact the
>authors at either of the addresses given in the specification,
>by joining #rss1.1 on the network, or by emailing the
>rss-dev mailing list
>if you want to talk about RSS 1.1 in a general
>context. You can also leave a comment on this post.
>Posted by Sean B. Palmer, 2005-01-18T14:00:18Z. (Comments: 0)

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