Interactive inclusion of files in LaTeX

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Pablo A. Straub

Nov 7, 1991, 12:18:37 PM11/7/91

I made a `style' file to ask the user which files to include for every run.
A nice feature is that if you press Return the files you included in the
previous run are included here (i.e., it remembers it in the .aux file).
You can also enter * for all files or - for no included files (and of course
these selections are also remembered for the next run).


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% askinclude.sty - interactive asking of included files
% VERSION 1.0 November 7, 1991
% (c) 1991 by Pablo A. Straub. Permission is granted to copy and use this
% in any way and for any purpose, except direct commercial advantage,
% provided that you retain this copyright notice.
% 0.95 11/05/91 First beta-test version (asked two questions)
% 0.99 11/05/91 Second beta-test version (asks one question; uses * and -.)
% 1.0 11/07/91 Changed prompts (sent to comp.text.tex)
% Please send enhancements and corrections to
% \documentstyle[...,askinclude,...]{...}
% The askinclude style option asks the user which files to include. If
% the user presses return, the files from the previous run are included
% automatically (except on the first run, in which case all files are
% included); if the answer is * all files are included; if the answer
% is - no files are included; otherwise the specified files (separated
% by commas, with no embedded spaces) are included.
% This file redefines \document, the command executed with \begin{document}.
% It may be incompatible with other styles that also redefine \document.
% The user's input is not validated. Anything that is not a * or a - or an
% empty line is passed to \includeonly.
% Tom Scavo ( suggested saving the include file list
% from the previous run and a simplified user interface.

\def\@includeonly{\@gobble} % assume we do not include from last run

\def\@inputs{*} % assume all files included

% determine which files to include

\def\@star{*} % used for comparing user's answer
\def\@minus{-} % ditto

\typeout { }
\typeout {Enter file(s) to include (separated by commas and no spaces),}
\typeout {or enter * for all files, or enter - for none, or}
\typein [\inputfiles]{press Return if this run is the same as the last.}

\ifx\inputfiles\@star % all files included
% do nothing
\else \ifx\inputfiles\@minus % no files included
\else \ifx\inputfiles\empty % include according to previous run
\ifx\@inputs\@star \else \global\@partswtrue\global\edef\@partlist{#1}\fi}
\def\@inputs{\inputfiles} % include these files

% \document - redefinition of \begin{document} to handle last included files

\@colht\textheight \@colroom\textheight \vsize\textheight
\columnwidth\textwidth \@clubpenalty\clubpenalty
\if@twocolumn \advance\columnwidth -\columnsep
\divide\columnwidth\tw@ \hsize\columnwidth \@firstcolumntrue
\hsize\columnwidth \linewidth\hsize
\if@filesw \immediate\openout\@mainaux=\jobname.aux
\def\@includeonly{} %NEW
\def\do##1{\let ##1\@notprerr}

% END OF FILE askinclude.sty
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