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Executing Glossaries' makeindex from a WinEdt macro

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Dec 6, 2008, 4:49:41 PM12/6/08
I understand that to use the glossaries package I must execute a
makeindex on each type of index/glossary I want for each (complete)
tex file I am processing. My understanding is that to use
makeglossaries I have to have Perl installed. Unfortunately have a
Vista based PC and I have not (explicitly) installed Perl and I have
no interest in doing so or learning Perl in any detail if I can avoid
doing so. However, I would like to automate the executing of
makeindex from within WinEdt.

I will only have two or three types of glossaries so if someone knows
of a macro and how to attach it to a button that automatically
executes the makeindex for current file and one or a list of possible
glossary types, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it or seeing
it. Thanks, ds

Hongyi Zhao

Dec 7, 2008, 12:14:16 AM12/7/08

To do this within WinEdt is as easy as 123:

1- Consider you're using Microsoft based operating system, so you
should first install the active perl's Standard Distribution, it's
free. You can download it from the following url and then install it
by using all of the default settings:

2- Once you've finished the installation of ActivePerl, you should
then get the following two files:

makeglossaries (A perl script by Nicola to make glossaries though
invoking her glossaries package.)
makeglossaries.bat (This one just a windows batch file which invoke
the above perl script)

You can obtain them from any of the mirrors of CTAN, e.g.,

3- Now, you've two choices to do the job by using makeglossaries

. Firstly, you can use the makeglossaries.bat by Nicola to invoke
the makeglossaries perl script.

In this case, you should put these two files in the same directory and
make sure this directory is in the system's path environment.
Then you should do some change on the makeglossaries.bat like this:

In detail, just change the following line:

perl -S "%~dp0makeglossaries" %*

into this:

perl -S %makeglossaries_path%\makeglossaries "%~n1"

Then, from within the WinEdt, build a Utility menu entry like this:

makeglossaries "%N"

Start in:

<Your shortcut here.>

That's all, have fun.

. As a alternative method, you can use the pl2bat, wchich is a windows
batch file shipped by ActivePerl, to convert the makeglossaries perl
script to a bat file and then use it solely.

In this case, all thing is OK by just using the generated bat file of
makeglossaries perl script to do the trick. You can just follow the
instructions in the above to do this way.

Hongyi Zhao <>
Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry
Chinese Academy of Sciences
GnuPG DSA: 0xD108493

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