Easy as Oracle Forms, powerful as java

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Jul 28, 2004, 5:49:53 AM7/28/04
Our company developed the last couple of years a development tool:
using this tool we configure and program (using SQL, and Java-Script)
very, very easy an application. The output of the effort is a
state-of-the art n-tier, j2ee, pure-java/xml-Application - but without
coding one single line java. And: the application looks really sexy.
Some of the mentioned features are patented in US. Everything goes
well, our customers loves this way of program and we sell a lot of
these applications and licenses.

Everything Ok? No! Why Oracle or Sun doesn't provide this development
tool?? Why not Name it jForms or Java Lite? and let it use by
thousands and millions of Forms user? Does really every Forms user
changed to Java? Isn't it a to big step for them? Doesn't Oracle miss
a successor of Oracle Forms for these guys? And Sun an easy to use
developing platform? What is the market for such a tool? 3 billion $?
Not something like JBuider or VB, I can't program Java or Visual
Basic. But I can SQL, and Java Script. And using this tool, I swear, I
program an application with some tables and forms, validations,
search, reports in word and excel in less than one week. Really!

The tool is ready, documented and approved, used by thousands of
users. Our next step is to convince Oracle or Sun to put it on their
product portfolio. They would get back thousands of developer, and a
lot of money.

Who can help? Who knows the mail address or phone number of Larry
Ellison or Scott McNealy? I'm sure they would love the idea.

We also plan to place the development tool as open source. What do you
think of this idea?

Thanks and best regards,

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