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Mar 23, 1989, 2:28:02 PM3/23/89
We have a small Sun 3 network set up in our C.S. department here at
Allegheny College. We are still configuring it after running it for four

PROBLEM: We have a dummy user named lock which we use to log into after
working on the machines to execute lockscreen. Recently (Tuesday 28th) we
reconfigured lock so that it automatically executes suntools and
lockscreen -e when it is logged into. This works just fine for lock, but
now the terminal specs for the others are screwed up if they are not in
the Suntools environment.

Right now it isn't a major issue because the only noticeable problem is
that a more command loses track of the screen size. It treats the middle
of the screen as the bottom in the non- suntools environment. I am just
concerned that this is just the beginning of some larger problem and would
like any sugestions on what the problem really is.

ed costello

*** senior english major (then why am I in C.S?)
*** Allegheny College
*** Meadville, PA 16335

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